Bicycle PIck-up/Drop-off Repair & Maintenance Service

Bike Pick-up & Drop-off

If you're too busy to visit the shop during the week, or simply have no way of transporting your bike, this service is for you. We will gladly pick up your bike, service it, and drop it off all at a location of your choice. Back at the shop, we will provide you with an estimate of what your bike may need to get it back on the road or dirt. Give us a call to set up your appointment today!

If you live or work within 20 miles of our location, we'll come to you!

*addtional fees may apply if you live outside of the 20 mile radius

    How it works

  • Call and Schedule your pickup w/GPP Cycling™ Shop: 479-372-4768
    • *Monday - Friday only -- 24 hour notice required
      *A non-refundable $25 pickup fee will be charged at time of booking
  • We pick up your bike(s) and bring them back to our shop
  • Our Bike Technicians will then inspect your bicycle and provide you with repair recommentdations
  • We answer any questions you may have, and with your approval, we will fix and/or maintenance your bike(s)
  • We notify you when we're finished. You can pick up at the shop or we can deliver to you
  • Cost:
  • $40 Round Trip pick-up & delivery fee
    $25 pickup or drop off only fee (one way)
      *NOTE: Repair, Maintenance services, or parts not included with pick-up fees
      *(No additional charge for the same customers additional bikes picked-up or dropped-off at the same location on the same trip)
  • Drop-Off Service also available on New Bike Purchases
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Sounds Incredibly convenient, right?

Call us at 479-372-4768 to Schedule!