Notice of Immediate Changes

To Our Valued Customers and Clients


GPP Cycling and Multi-Sport Training Center – Bentonville Location:
With sadness and after months of analyzing our business, we have made the difficult decision to close our Bentonville location. Our gym and fitness membership didn’t have the growth that we expected and the location is oversized for a stand-alone cycling business. We decided to right size our business and better align our locations with our strategy and are consolidating our bike shops to one location at this time.

GPP Cycling – Rogers Location:
We will be operating our full cycling business from our Rogers location to create the best bike shop possible for our customers, community, and fellow athletes. We are very excited to focus all of our energy and attention to the Rogers shop. With our knowledgeable mechanics and superior bike fitting knowledge, we know we will be able to offer “white glove service” to our customers. Know this, you will find the A+ TEAM all in one shop! In addition, one of the services we are especially excited about is offering “Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service” for bike repairs. We realize NWA has grown so much and traffic is heavy and it is difficult to travel across the NWA area so we believe this new service will be a huge help to our customers. As we focus on building a successful full-service bike shop in Rogers to service the NWA community as a whole, we will continue to consider a new location in the Bentonville area in the future.

GPP Endurance Coaching – The Here and Now:
Our endurance coaches will continue to offer their services to their clients. We would ask that you contact them directly for pricing and services.

GPP Fitness – Future:
We are working with current staff and other partners with and high hopes we believe that there will soon be a successful fitness facility offering, sized right with new ownership, to our current fitness clients. We will keep all of you aware of this development.


We sincerely appreciate and thank all of our clients & customers for your loyalty to GPP Fitness and GPP Cycling. We look forward to continuing to serve you and our community in a new way.

Thank you,

GPP Ownership and Management

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