Light It UP – 10% OFF Promotion

Light It UP!

10% OFF on All IN STOCK BIKE LIGHTS for your safety and others.

Now that we are moving into a bit warmer riding and the sun is staying out longer, it’s time to hit the outdoors and open roads for some fun cycling.  With that in mind, it’s time to remember SAFETY is the most important part of cycling before you even get on the bike outdoors.  Keep your ABC’s in mind each time you ride, even during the daylight hours.

This starts with LIGHTS.  Front and Rear.  ALWAYS ON!  You may not think too much about it for daylight riding but it is important.  For instance, your car even has daylight running lights these days.  So why wouldn’t your bike?

Therefore at GPP Cycling, we want to promote “SAFETY” first, especially when lots of athletes are now getting back outside on their bikes.  How are we doing this?  1. Reminding athletes to be SEEN!  2. Promoting front and rear lighting on your bikes be ALWAYS ON!  3.  Cyclist to FOCUS on your personal safety and others.  4. Plus, ENCOURAGE others to do the same and get their lights on their bikes.  5. TALK up the safety on every ride.  6.  YOU watch out for the cyclist on the roads but we need every method to make sure vehicles on road see us as well.

We want you to Light it Up!  So, to help support the efforts of SAFETY LIGHTS, GPP Cycling™ Shops will be running a 10% OFF special on ALL BIKE LIGHTS through the end of April.

10% OFF on All IN STOCK BIKE LIGHTS for your safety and others.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to support SAFETY in our team and to others by Lighting It UP this season!

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