Living Optimal Health & Fitness Through Multisport℠

Unite, Educate, experience, and achieve multisport goals through
GPP® methodology, excellence in coaching, and cutting-edge technology

When an athlete makes the transition from having a goal of improved general fitness to identifying
with a particular sport, all of the little-specialized details and specifics make it possible for them to take their performance to the next level.


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Endurance Individual Coaching Program

Full Weekly Workout Plans and Personal Coaching

Multisport, Single Sport, and Plan Only Endurance Programming

Please Contact Individual Coaches for Pricing and Programming Specifics


Mark Mohler @ 479-366-4216

Kevin F Whaley @ Kevin Whaley Racing

  • Services and sessions are non-refundable
  • Monthly coaching fees are non-refundable as they are a recurring charge
  • Cancellation requires notifying your coach 30 days prior to the next charge date of the upcoming month
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