It's not just a's an extension of your ability to Crank Up Life℠. You want it to perform flawlessly. You need to always keep it in top-running condition.
  • For as long as you own your bike, we will provide the -
    • Tuning mechanical components
    • Adjustments to derailluers and mechanical brakes
    • Check torque specs
    • Spot true wheels
    • Light drivetrain cleaning*
    • Inspect bike for further service needs

That's why we go to such great lengths to give your bike the care it deserves. At GPP Cycling™, we service almost any bike, no matter what brand or where you bought it. Our bike techs goal is to give your bike the best care possible. From the moment you walk into our shop, you'll see the attention we give your bike. We perform an extensive process when evaluating what your bike needs to get you back on the road or trail. Best of all, for all new bikes purchased at GPP Cycling™, we provide LIFETIME FREE - BASIC TUNE-UP to keep your bike running smoothly year-after-year.

The Fine Print
  • Valid for the original bike owner only
  • Valid only on new bikes purchased at GPP Cycling™
  • Any parts, installs, or further services needed will be at an additional cost
  • *Excessively dirty bikes that require cleaning before tuning will require an additional charge