Our goal is simple, Crank Up Life℠. We strive to provide you with the best retail selections and training services to do just that! From Bikes to Wetsuits or General Fitness to Ironman® Training, we are your one-stop-shop in NW Arkansas for all your cycling, triathlon, and training needs.

GPP Cycling™ Shops

At GPP® we have a bike to fit every budget, every need, and every level. Our goal is to offer you the best service at a competitive price and a place for “one-stop-shopping”.

GPP Training Center™

GPP® is about enjoying all the benefits that life has to offer and avoiding the pitfalls. We believe in doing everything we need to in order to achieve optimal health, and NOT ONE THING MORE.

GPP Endurance™ Coaching

Through the highest standard of dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced coaching we help you achieve your goals, enrich your life, strive for excellence, and work towards optimal health and fitness.

GPP Nutrition™

It is unreasonable to assume you can be healthy and/or fit without providing proper foundations of fuel for the body.

GPP Refresh™

Refresh, renew, restore.


GPP Events is powered by GPP Cycling™ Shops of Northwest AR. These events consist of an Off-Road Duathlon, multiple Gravel Ride Events, an Open Water Swim, plus additional sponsorship and support of local events.